Keryl’s Story


As a child, Keryl grew up in a family where love was abundant, but money was not. Despite her childhood wish that her parents could afford to buy her things her schoolmates and friends had, she entered adulthood and discovered that living from a place of love and with limited financial means both became distinct advantages.

Not having everything she desired handed to her, Keryl developed the creative thinking skills and hard work ethic to figure out how she could acquire the material things she desired. Besides baby sitting, her first job as a 14-year-old girl was picking up garbage and dirty laundry at a local motel where her mother was a maid. Her high school years were spent working one and sometimes two jobs, allowing her to buy designer jeans, a 10-speed bike, and her first car. Her determination and desires grew as she began investing in real estate which became the means and catalyst to allow her to leave 9-5 employment and enjoy the freedom of being self employed.

After discovering her ex’s affair, Keryl was given the ultimate test. Would she choose a path of anger and fear or love and faith? Admittedly and unapologetically human, she experienced the normal and expected emotions of immense fear, anger, and sadness. However, the quiet but powerful voice of wisdom, grounded in the love that surrounded her since childhood, assured her that the direction of her life was not going to be determined by what happened. It would be determined by how she chose to respond.

Her early decision not to fight back and create more stress and pain rewarded her greatly as both she and her soon-to-be ex treated each other with respect, did not fight, and negotiated their divorce settlement without the need for attorneys, other than whatever official filings were needed.

It also allowed her to heal emotionally at an accelerated pace. She was proud of who she was as she went though her divorce.

As she settled into her new normal and set about the task of building a new life, she how she could use this experience to create even more happiness for herself and others. After re-marrying  to her current husband Craig (8-years her junior!), Keryl wrote her first nook “Happy Bitch” to share with other women the power they hold to choose empowering responses to the challenges they face.

That same year, she teamed up with attorney and national TV legal commentator Jonna Spilbor to launch their award-winning radio show “Happy Hour.” The show airs on K104.7FM, and the two have interviewed the likes of Jen Sincero, Dr. Joe Vitale, Jackie Collins, Robert Kyosaki, and many others.

Following the joy and excitement of publishing her first book, Keryl went through a period of depression and self doubt, causing her to put everything she believed, including her worth, in question. Through immense self reflection and a thirst to understand, Keryl discovered and addressed the source of her anxiety and self doubt. Following her previous footsteps, she again used her own struggle as an impetus to help others by publishing her second book “Hello Beautiful.” Her goal with this book is to help women embrace all they’ve experienced and all they are, find the courage to show up real and authentic, and recognize the beauty of their wholeness.

Continuing her quest to use her experiences to benefit others, in 2018, she founded her publishing company Little Pink Press which publishes books by or for women.  Keryl passionately believes we all have a book in us and wants to help other women get the book that’s in them out into the world.