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Keryl’s Books


Hello Beautiful

If self-doubt or regret over a past you cannot change is holding you back from feeling comfortable in your own skin and confident about yourself and your future, this book is for you.


Happy Bitch

Written in a fun, edgy, and straight-up style, this book is great for any woman who wants to overcome a challenge and live a happier life..


Pink Pretty Thoughts

For pretty reminders to choose pretty thoughts, this photo book should be every woman’s companion.


Happiness Journal

Happiness Journal (Pink): Six surprisingly simple daily practices that will change your life in 30 days or less.


Share This Journal

For anyone who believes in the power of kindness, this special journal documents a chain of 12 acts of kindness.


All About Keryl

“You aren’t meant to be perfect. You are meant to be whole.”

Keryl Pesce is an author, entrepreneur, and co-host of the award-winning radio show “Happy Hour” on K104.7FM. Through writing, speaking, and her social media presence, Keryl is on a mission to help women lessen worries and self doubt, and increase happiness, confidence, and enjoyment of life, and lift unnecessary emotional burdens so they can step into their power and pursue their passions.


 Readers Reviews

Honest, real, and amazing. Keryl uses her own personal stories to help others through difficult times. In the end you are challenged to be your best self and I can personally attest that it is worth it.
— Ginger Jones
This was purchased as a gift. I read about 1/5 of the book before giving it. Liked it so much I asked to borrow it when she’s done reading it.
— Deborah Hanlon

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