Hello Beautiful cover



If you deal with self doubt, anxiety, and/or regret over a past you cannot change and feel these hold you back from living the life you desire, “Hello Beautiful” is for you. All are addressed here including the nagging inner critic. Keryl shares why the popular advice to “crush it” is bad advice and what a better course of action is. This book will help you feel comfortable in your own skin again. $14.95 Available on






Pink Prett Thoughts cover



Born out of the belief that a beautiful mind creates a beautiful life and my love for the color pink and inspiring words, I put together Pink Pretty Thoughts. It is a full-color compilation of short, yet impactful perspective-shifting thoughts. One small shift in how you think can not only alter the course of your day, but your entire life. $13.95 Available on






Happy Bitch the book



If there is one guarantee in life, it is that you will face challenges you neither ask for nor deserve. Happy Bitch is my way of offering a new perspective on the power of a chosen response. You don’t always get to choose what happens to you, but you always get to choose how to respond. After I discovered my ex’s affair and subsequently got divorced, I took the lessons learned on how I got myself and my life back in order and put them together in my voice through this book. This is great for any woman dealing with current or past difficult experiences and needs a bit of inspiration to get herself back on track to happy again. $14.95 Available on










Happiness Journal cover



Knowledge is power, but only if applied. This journal, available in three different colors, guides you to follow six daily practices for 30 days guaranteed to result in a positive change in your life – either in how you feel about yourself and your life or the actual circumstances around you – or both. Practice gratitude, kindness to yourself, kindness to others, set your intention to have a good day, think big and ask “What if?” and look for the positive changes in and around you. Buy two and pair up with a friend, daughter, sister or mother, holding each other accountable to fill it out every day for 30 days. 100% money-back guarantee. $7.95 Available on







Share This Journal cover KP


We all know that it is good to be kind. While we do acts of kindness just for the sake of making someone’s day, wouldn’t it be cool to know the ripple effect you had? This first of it’s kind journal encourages paying it forward and documenting the chain of kindness. You record your name and contact information (however much you are comfortable sharing,) perform an act of kindness, document it in the journal and give the journal to the recipient of your kind act. That person is then prompted to record his or her reaction, perform another act of kindness for someone else, record it and pass it on. Once the chain of 12 acts of kindness is completed, the final person is instructed to contact you and return to you your completed journal. You can buy someone a cup of coffee, bring flowers to the clerk at the post office or even leave the book behind on a bus or in a cab with a gift card or even a few dollars. Imagine getting your completed journal back and seeing the chain of positive and kind acts because of something you did. I teamed up with a former stranger, now dear friend and part of my life forever, Amy Gopel to create this. Her brainchild. Our project. $12.95 Available on




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