Keryl Pesce Happiness Expert Author of Happy Bitch

keryl pesce SMIf  there was one thing you could do to make yourself physically stronger and healthier, live longer, earn more money, be more attractive, attract cooperation from others, invite good luck and opportunity and quicken the pace and ease at which you achieve things little and large from your dream list, would you do it?join-my-list-pink-2

Sounds like a big promise, and it is, but the answer is quite simple: be happy.

Regardless of how many obstacles you believe currently stand in the way, you can experience more happiness. My job is to help you.

Your happiness literally IS MY BUSINESS!Happy Bitch the book

Every endeavor I choose, my intention for each is the same. Whether it be through writing blog posts and booksinterviewing guests on my radio show, creating products like Happy Bitch wine, shirts and glasses to help set the stage for happy, fun and memorable experiences, speaking to groups and workplaces about why and how to be happy, even making other’s dreams come trueit all comes back to the same intention: to be the voice and inspiration, through my written words, spoken words and actions, to help you remember what it feels like to be happy and how to live in that place as often as possible.


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