Stress Less and Maximize Brain Power

Fifteen thousand years ago, worry kept us alive. Today it’s killing us.

Chronic stress makes us forgetful, lowers IQ, zaps creativity, reduces will power, causes depression, leaves us more prone to addictions, illness, and injury and is a primary contributor to the number one killer of all . . . heart disease. And it’s costing your business a lot of money. According to the Business Insider, US Companies spend $300 billion annually for health care and missed work days as a result of stress. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers report feeling stressed at work. Nearly half of those say they need help learning how to manage stress.

Hiring more workers so each employee does less is an expensive proposition and likely the exact opposite of your plan to be lean and efficient. Even if you did plan to “fatten up” your staff, what about the inevitable stress of your employees’ personal lives? That bit of baggage sits right at their desks, joins every phone call and tags along for every meeting. And it’s costing you a lot of money.

The good news is there is a lot more each of us can do to lessen how much of it we experience. Why and how?

Because stress is not a thing. It’s something we do. And if it’s something we do, we can learn to do less of it.

Train your employees on how to reduce their stress, they will produce more, be absent less and make your business more profitable.

That is exactly what my on-site workplace presentation “Reduce Stress and Maximize Your Brain Power” is designed to do.

In this 45-minute presentation, your employees will learn:

-How stress negatively affects their health and mental capacity.

-Why our brains are wired to worry.

-11 easy ways to reduce stressful thinking and how it makes them smarter, healthier, stronger, more productive and more valuable.

Contact Keryl at keryl @ to schedule.

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