Become the CEO of Your Life

“I loved your workshop and attitude in general! Thank you for reminding me to keep a positive mindset as often as I can.”


This 90-minute interactive workshop, Become the CEO of Your Life – How to Put Yourself in the Ultimate Position of Power shares:

-The #1 mistake people make that prevents them from being happy and how NOT to make it.

-What we can learn from Mother Nature about being happy.

-The trap most people (especially women) fall into that about guarantees you won’t be happy.

-What factor can increase your ability to close sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and ability to find solutions to problems by 300%!!

-The biggest fallacy when it comes to being in a position of power.

-The fastest, easiest and most powerful way to instantly go form stuck to making things happen.

-Why over 90% of people are unfulfilled at work and what to do about it.

-What you can do right now to reduce stress, increase your energy, and lower your blood pressure.

-How to instantly command your brain to act like an anti-depressant.

-The #1 way people give their power away and how to get it back.

-The precise, repeatable formula for impacting your outcomes.

-How to get what you want and get it now.

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“Amazing workshop! Thank you so much for this! You mentioned a lot of things that I’ve been wanting to hear lately and it helped me come to many realizations and on solidifying a decision I’ve been hesitant to make. You have no idea how inspiring you are! Once again, thank you with all my heart.”


“The energy you deliver during your presentation emanates around the room. Not only do I feel more empowered, but I feel as though I have gained motivation to ensure positivity circulates in my life.”


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