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Disengagement isn’t a problem. It’s a symptom. When your employees aren’t engaged, it’s because they’ve stopped caring. The root of the issue isn’t about the work they do, it’s how they feel about the work they do.

This session reminds employees of their common cause and demonstrates how being helpful to others increases their health, worth and ability to achieve goals. The session closes with a highly popular and energizing 30-day kindness challenge.

Good for: Workplaces where employees work in the same building, improvement in cooperation between positions or departments is desired and/or increased enthusiasm and engagement is desired.

Runs about 45 minutes.


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Stress Less and Maximize Brain Power

As stress increases, our mental capacity decreases. You train your employees on how to do their jobs, but if they are stressed while doing them, you get a fraction of what they are capable of. Train them how to reduce their stress and they will make less mistakes, be more cooperative and be significantly more productive. This session offers 11 easy ways to alleviate stress and it’s many negative and harmful effects and increase happiness, creativity and productivity.

Good for: Workplaces, wellness programs and business groups.

Runs about 45 minutes.



Own Your Power

This women-focused workshop is designed to increase self confidence and self worth, offer a perspective shift turning “disadvantages” into advantages and help participants get clear on the underling “why” of their goals.

Good for: Women’s groups.

Runs about 90 minutes.



Become the CEO of Your Life

Those who live the happiest and most fulfilling lives understand the secret to powerful living. This engaging workshop shares how to tap into the often overlooked sources of power and demonstrates happiness is the key to success and not the other way around.

Good for: Business groups, women’s groups and leadership programs.

Runs 75-90 minutes.



Custom Presentations and Keynotes

If you have specific time constraints or content needs not listed above, a custom presentation or workshop can be designed just for you. Contact Keryl at keryl @kerylpesce.com to explore.

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