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Why I don’t plan to mind my own business.

sharing umbrellaSince the time you and I learned to say “Thank you.” when appropriate, color within the lines and lick an ice cream cone without knocking it to the sidewalk, we’ve been told to mind our own business. Don’t concern yourself with what others do. Worry about yourself. Look the other way.

While I agree our place often isn’t to stick our noses and unwanted opinions into the lives of others, I wonder if perhaps we’ve arrived at a point where we’ve taken it too far.

If the girl at the customer service desk doesn’t make eye contact with us and is clearly frustrated and dare I say “bitchy,” what do we do? Meet her where she is and give her attitude right back? Mind our own business? Or are we honest with ourselves and remember a time or ten when we acted the same? The day or days when everything and everyone around us frustrated us, seemed out to get us, or worse, came crumbling down around us.

Do we deny our own imperfections and realities of life while we judge others? Or do we reach out with compassion rather than judgment? What would happen if we didn’t mind our own business? What would happen if we simply asked “Are you OK? You seem frustrated. I’ve been there too. How can I help you?”

I hear the critics now. “Help her? That’s her job . . . to help me! She should be grateful she has a job.”

Perhaps. I can’t argue with that. But can you honestly say you haven’t had moments, days, or months, where you too lost sight of the blessings in your life and allowed your anger and frustration to get the best of you? I know I have.

There’s a mostly-forgotten something. A not-quite-yet-extinct responsibility, that is all our jobs, and many of us haven’t been performing up to our capabilities . . . a common concern for the well being of others. Minding other people’s business when it comes to opportunities to lend a helping hand, a smile as you pass a stranger, an outreach and display of concern, an open expression of the best part of being a human being. Not judging each other, not minding our own business. The way I see it, we do far too much of that. Instead, open ourselves up to one another. Connect with others at that place of understanding and vulnerability, when we remember what it felt like to have a bad day and someone’s thoughtful gesture turned it around, or when we’d lost hope and someone gave it back.

Here we are, in this together, often times acting alone. Maybe now is the time we come together, remember the one desire common to every single one of us . . . to feel cared for and happy.

If another person, known to me or not, needs an outstretched hand or wallet, an unexpected act of kindness or shoulder to cry on, and I’m in a position to fill that need, I am not going to mind my own business.

Your happiness, my fellow human being, is my business.

With love for you and life,


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Keryl Pesce is an author and entrepreneur who builds her life and career around experiencing and spreading happiness. Visit her website at www.KerylPesce.com.


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