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The Bottom Line of Happy Employees

By far, your employees are your most valuable asset. Without them, you’d have no business.

While an effective, competent and engaged team is the very crux that gives your business its value, they differ from your other major assets in two ways. They are not a line item on your balance sheet, and they do not depreciate in value.

Over time, as they learn, grow and contribute to your success, their value increases . . . unless, of course, they become stagnant, unmotivated or unengaged. Their pay increases, but productivity remains flat or even decreases, and you end up with your biggest asset under-performing.

Countless studies have shown that external factors such as pay and retirement plans are not the primary drivers of motivation. Other than, of course, if your employees truly are underpaid. Then they will be resentful and counter-productive to your goals. If this is the case, stop reading here, because the rest of what I share won’t matter. If you do pay your employees fairly, keep reading.

As reported in the Harvard Business Review, intrinsic motivation is a stronger predictor of job performance than extrinsic motivation. Your employees will be of most value to you when they feel valued by leadership and have a sense of contribution to a clear purpose. Their roles need to be clearly defined, objectives and goals understood, and they need to feel properly equipped with the necessary tools, freedom and skills to perform their functions.

In addition, their emotional set-point, primarily driven by their individual attitudes and perspectives, plays a major role. If you have employees who habitually worry or focus on the negative aspects of life, both inside and outside of the office, that’s going to cost you . . . in poor performance and health, missed time and conflicts with other employees.

Bottom line, Debbie Downer is very, very costly to your business.

A recent study at Harvard University showed a strong, measurable, bottom-line benefit to having employees who are happy. When people go from feeling neutral or negative to feeling happy, here’s what you can expect:

  • 31 percent increase in productivity
  • 37 percent increase in sales
  • 300% increase in identifying solutions to problems

What would your business look like a year from now if you were able to shift the perspectives and nature of thinking of even a portion of your workforce?

If alongside your business, marketing & advertising plans, you aren’t looking for ways to invest in and shift your employees’ mindset and perspective, you’re potentially missing out on the biggest opportunity to increase the growth and profitability of your business. Help change the way your people see themselves, others, and circumstances around them, and they will help catapult the success of your business.

If you’ve got people on staff capable of doing this, put some attention and resources behind them. If not, then bring someone in who specializes in helping people shift their perspective, see themselves, others and situations in a more positive light and raise their emotional set point toward the happy end of the spectrum. It could be a game changer for them, you and your bottom line.

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