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The Awakened Millionaire – Interview with Dr. Joe Vitale

joe and book 2There is a wide-spread plague causing unnecessary struggle, poverty, greed and corruption. It has spread world wide, leaving no corner of the earth untouched. There is no vaccination a doctor can give you to keep you immune from its destructive forces . . . no medical treatment to cure you if it has already reached you. For this plague I speak of is neither air-borne nor blood-borne. It is born of a belief you may hold, likely adopted by you prior to you being capable of choosing otherwise. It is so deeply ingrained, you see it as fact:

“You can either be spiritual or wealthy.” And it’s disease-ridden, infectious counterpart: “Money is the root of all evil.”

On one side of the equation, there are countless people living a financial life far lower than they are capable of or even living in poverty because of the belief that people who are wealthy are greedy and corrupt.

On the other side of the equation, there are people who have amassed great wealth by any necessary means, regardless of its negative effects on others, believing dog-eat-dog is the name of the game and being spiritual means being poor.

What if there was a vaccine to prevent this invasive disease of belief? What if there was an antidote available to you right now?

Welcome, my friend, to the Awakened Millionaire. Not only a life-altering masterpiece of a book written by the brilliant and beautiful human being we call Joe Vitale, but more importantly, (and I know he’ll agree to the priority here) it is a movement and a mission . . . to enlighten all of us to the battle of the beliefs and assure us of what is possible for all of us . . . to live spiritually, with passion and purpose, impacting others, the world and future generations positively AND become unimaginably wealthy.

Joe Vitale will show you how. Read his book. Check out his website and courses at www.mrfire.com. He is the epitome of what he preaches. He knows what is possible . . . no matter how bleak your current situation may seem.

He is a multi-millionaire, living his passion and purpose, who once called a park bench home. He’s got cred.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with this remarkable man and interview him. And by “sit down,” I mean we were both sitting down . . . he in his home, and me in a radio studio in Poughkeepsie, NY. ( I’ll shake his hand some day. Scratch that . . . I’ll hug him.) For the second time, he was a guest on our show Happy Hour on Mix 97.7FM that I co-host with attorney and Fox News legal analyst Jonna Spilbor.

In addition to our radio interview, at the risk of revealing myself as the googly-eyed, uber-fan I am, I asked for some bonus material. Would he be willing to answer a few questions I could then write about? To my delight, one of the world’s leading experts on the Law of Attraction, author of over 50 books, metaphysician and animal lover (to name just a few,) agreed. Not only did he agree, but he responded with his answers almost immediately.

Yes, this man is on a mission, and his mission is about his message.

So here we go, my bonus interview with Joe Vitale:

Keryl: From looking at you now, it’s obvious you are very successful. For the benefit of the person feeling stuck or “under-achieved,” can you please share when was one of the most challenging times in your life?

Joe: I was homeless in Dallas around 1978 and in poverty in Houston for almost a decade. It was no picnic or party.

Keryl: How did this experience serve you positively?

Joe: It made me awaken to my limiting beliefs and how we create our own reality, though unconsciously.

Keryl: If the you of today could talk to the you of that time, what would you say?

Joe: Hang in there. Things get better. Stay focused on your goals and keep taking action. The sun will rise again.

Keryl: What are you most grateful for?

Joe: My life. It’s been a roller coaster for six decades and the best is happening and the better is yet to come.

Keryl: When are you happiest?

Joe: Wandering in book stores.

Keryl: What do you still struggle with?

Joe: Fitness. I have a love-hate relationship with being physically fit.

Keryl: Anything else you feel is important to share that I haven’t already asked?

Joe: Passion is the secret to success.

There you have it. Homeless to Awakened Millionaire. Joe is living proof that with the right belief system and attitude, anything is possible.

For more of Joe and his insight, follow him on Facebook, Twitter as @mrfire, Youtube as JoeMrFire and follow his blog.

Much love and happiness to you,


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